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Content Marketing

Instead of pitching products or services – which interrupt and disrupt people’s day – we formulate, produce and deliver content that they want to receive, engage with and share.

Content can be in many different forms and goes well beyond the written word; videos, infographics, animations, webinars, white papers, photographs…

But before we even worry about what format it’s delivered in, we shape a solid content strategy first. The delivery – though the exciting bit – is secondary to establishing the objectives, messaging and call-to-action.

Once created, the content marketing teams will make sure the content works hard – reaching the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Working with a content planner to schedule and repurpose timely messages in interesting formats and ensuring our clients’ are achieving cut-through.

Media Relations

Media Relations continues to play a vital strategic role in what we do as an agency and often forms the backbone of our campaigns.

This involves developing strong relationships with key media journalists, bloggers and other influencers/strategic partners on a client’s behalf to ensure they’re front-of-mind and perceived as credible with real expertise in their area.

As a small public relations agency we’re also highly experienced in issues and crisis management.

Social Media

Social Media is one of the most measurable and responsive tools in the marketing armory.

The Hattrick team will advise on the best strategy and platforms by listening and analysing data and then produce engaging content – both organic and paid-for.

We offer a wide range of services including strategy, platform set-up, content planning and creation – as well as managing, populating and running specific accounts for clients when required.

Event Management

Hattrick has extensive experience of event strategy, planning and management.

We put together engaging and thought provoking programmes of activity for trade events, organise product launches, media events, round table events and conferences.

Regardless of the occasion, our approach is meticulous with keen attention to detail.

Email Marketing

Emails remain a popular marketing method. As they can be cost effective, they’re simple to set up and it’s relatively easy to track responses and measure success. But they are also great for staying in touch with customers and providing an opportunity to promote your products and services.

We can help with the planning, messaging, design and dispatch of all your email marketing needs.


Copywriting is an essential element of effective marketing as the words used get people to take action!

Our skilled writers are well versed in delivering copy that engages with the right audience, in the right tone, in-order to obtain the right action. Combined with experience in writing strong, succinct copy that’s easy to read and attention grabbing. We have the ability to think creatively, translating ideas into copy that works hard from an SEO perspective too.

We tackle short form and long form copy, turning our hands to everything from media releases, to informative by-lined features, web copy, research reports, case studies, emails and white papers. Our talent for storytelling also extends to more visual assets. Producing a framework and script for videos and animation, as well as identifying the hard-hitting stats and themes that make a stand-out infographic.

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