What We Do

Our purpose is to create great innovative campaigns that help our clients grow. As a goal-driven PR and content marketing agency in Manchester our offering has evolved to meet the demands of today’s clients.

As marketers, we are still struggling with the traditional distinctions of B2B and B2C. However, those boundaries are fast disappearing. The once solid line between these two methodologies is blurring to accommodate in large part, the evolution of the digital age and the rising importance of human engagement.

Blend this with the fact that we make purchasing decisions faster than ever before, as PR and content marketers, this is our opportunity to be part of that process- serving the right content at the right time, to the right people, in a way that’s easy to digest.

PR Then and PR Now

Before the days of Google, PR was about broadcasting brand messages, blanket distribution of press releases and being purely focused on print editorial coverage. Roll forward to today, and our role is all about engaging in the customer journey, targeting conversations at key points of the decision process and obtaining the coverage that supports real business growth.

Customer Journey

From that first Google search to browsing reviews and features online to seeing what people are saying across social. Right through to expert advice and support with on-site content surrounding the final purchasing decision – this is all about knowing the customer and placing relevant, timely, trusted editorial content – PR at its finest and most measurable.

Today we look far more closely at the customer experience and all of the important touch points along that journey. We strategically target individuals we want to influence and we provide them with content that we know they will engage with and share.

And because we’re digitally minded, we have more data at our disposal to help influence our strategies. We can pin down customer’s wants, needs and desires and because of social media we can have direct, meaningful two-way conversations.

In short – we’re in a stronger position to give people more of what they want and less of what they don’t. We listen, plan, produce, test, then rinse and repeat.


We’re all about collaboration

Given our well-rounded knowledge of all aspects of digital marketing, we’re finely tuned to advising our clients when they may need to consider bringing in a specialist. Over the years we’ve built relationships with, and are currently working with a number of strategic partners on a daily basis to offer solutions for our client’s needs.

We’re happy to recommend specialists partnership in the areas of:

  • Branding & design
  • Search & SEO
  • Production (e.g. video & animation)
  • Website design & marketing automation
  • Print management


We’re sector agnostic with as much experience in B2C as in B2B – and the awards to show for it!

We work with clients across many different sectors from commercial interiors, and the built environment through to home interest. We tackle creative briefs with flair – just like we’ve done for projects with a strong design element. Equally, we can take highly complex themes and craft them into compelling content for technical and business audiences. Whatever the nature of the of the output, we choose not to work with competitor brands and we’re transparent to any new prospects about our current agency clients.


  • We have used HatTrick for our PR for a number of years and have found them to be both professional and fun to work with. The profile of the firm has certainly been raised with regular and interesting articles appearing in both our local press, regional press and in the nationals. The PR has often led to us being contacted by radio stations for comments on topical issues too. They have certainly "gone the extra mile" for us and I would thoroughly recommend them.
    Michael Jefferies, managing director, Jefferies Solicitors
  • Having worked with a number of PR companies over the years, it is a pleasure and a breath of fresh air to work with a company that performs. With so many agencies you spend your time chasing, getting them to deliver and wondering what you get for your money. HatTrick breaks this mould. They are proactive, with great ideas, are always looking at the latest technologies and processes to ensure they deliver the optimum service to the client. I would have no hesitation in recommending this group of very professional and hard working individuals.
    Jilly Oxlade, marketing manager, Desso UK
  • HatTrick PR is not only an amazing agency, but they have the friendliest team that I have ever worked with. They are very driven and commit wholeheartedly to any task that they undertake. They are pro-active and innovative - always coming up with new ideas – and thoroughly understand our industry making it very easy to discuss strategic as well as short-term initiatives.
    Beverley Whitehead, marketing communications manager, Dulux Decorator Centre
  • Hattrick has a proactive approach and innovative ways of engaging with our target audiences. The team creates a clear and effective strategy, deliver results beyond our expectations and over the past twelve years have been an absolute pleasure to work with.
    Dr Philip Morton, Honorary President of REPIC
  • The team at Hattrick have an amazing ability to sniff out the most powerful stories that will resonate with our customer base. By looking beyond the obvious, they are helping us to establish our voice of authority in the industry. We have had some really positive feedback from customers on the industry report developed by Hattrick, commenting that they found the content extremely educational and interesting and ultimately it led to an enquiry for our business - proof that Hattrick's approach really works.
    Rebecca Swan, product manager - fuel and services, Certas