Starting up was the easiest bit: it was a question of timing.

Then Google came along and changed our lives three times over!

Our vision is to create a thriving workplace that is constantly innovating, experimenting and keeping things fun; while working on clients that have similar cultures and value our people.

our story

Built on a culture of trust, empowerment and independence – we trust our employees to do the right thing and empower them all by offering the freedom to make decisions and get things done. As well as flexible working, we provide people with ‘playtime’ to actively pursue new ideas, tap into creativity or support our local community.

Our values are driven by a mash-up of the best bits from Sweden and the North of England that gives us a unique proposition that’s reflected in our culture. A term we affectionately call ‘Swedenchester!’

As a team we’re a mix of creative thinkers, strategists, account handlers and copywriters whose skills are matched only by our dedication. We strive to put that same level of energy into everything we touch, whether building an international marketing campaign or engaging a local community with a recycling project.

Our hard work put us on the map, and by putting client’s needs and interests first ensures we stay there – one of the reasons we believe the majority of our clients have come from referrals and have developed into long-term client relationships.

meet the team

We're a talented and friendly bunch of hardworking, creative, clever people
  • malin.
    Malin is an energetic Swede with a passion for all things international. She loves reading and learning new stuff - and drinks exceedingly strong coffee!
  • karen.
    Karen is always impeccably chic and über organised. She has an uncanny knack of sniffing out news and can find the answer to anything on Google in a nano second.
  • anita.
    Anita is a stickler for detail and knocks-up all-singing, all-dancing spreadsheets in her sleep. She loves a good chinwag and is the friendliest accounts person you’ll ever meet.
  • rachael.
    Rachael is our content strategist, copy queen and the office calming influence. Her skill is making the complex: simple; the dry: engaging.
  • sara.
    Sara is an Oxford University graduate and comes from a consumer PR background. Fluent in both French and Italian, she loves mediterranean food and can't be without a proper cup of coffee.
  • holly.
    Holly is a cheerful soul and the office social butterfly. When she's not researching the latest industry developments, she loves baking treats for the team and getting involved with her local community.
  • ella.
    Ella recently graduated with a First Class Honours degree in International Business, and spent a year working in the PR team at Panasonic. She enjoys nothing more than visiting new places.
  • morgan.
    Morgan comes with social media and content experience in B2B and B2C, with a firm grip on the political and cultural Zeitgeist. Also comes with a dry humour.
  • rebecca.
    Rebecca is a born and bred Mancunian who is passionate about storytelling. When she’s not researching the latest tech, she loves discovering different cultures and has spent two years living in Japan.

Quick facts

  • 5
    years old
  • 14
    global partners
  • 6
    different languages spoken in the office

Awards and Accolades

We’re proud to be consistently recognised across the North of England by featuring in The Prolific North Top 50 PR Agencies, which provides a definitive breakdown of the biggest and fastest growing agencies in the PR and communications sector.

Over the years we’ve also received honours from CIPR and ThePRMoment

We’re also enrolling the senior team on Google’s Digital marketing course, Squared Online, which so far has seen three of us graduate.

What’s in the name?

Everyone needs to be called something! But we all crave uniqueness and standout. So we looked at a word that connected us together and ended up with a common love of football.

Unique for two women but even more so as we’re coming from opposite ends of the spectrum – from playing the sport to watching from the more glamorous sidelines, from cheering on Sweden to experiencing the high and lows of following the blues – it didn’t really matter. As to score a ‘hattrick’ takes a team effort with strategy, skill, creativity and flair – all words closely associated with our daily delivery for clients.

Where we come from

Working in today’s connected world the team could be be anywhere in the world delivering great content and PR campaigns for our international clients. No matter where we are, we never forget where we came from. We started the PR company in South Manchester with the simple goal of creating great work for great clients.

While the company and its portfolio of clients have carefully grown over the years, we’ve stayed true to our roots and recognised that our location defines many of our best attributes. We’re convinced that the energy we put into creating a great place to live, work, and play is the same energy driving our business forward.